The Journal in Norway with Ena

“Not everything I do is pointless!” says Ena Clark in one of hundreds of videos detailing events from her daily life.

A film student and singer from Bergen in Norway, 20-year-old Ena – known as ‘Eenish‘ to the YouTube community – has been an enthusiastic video-maker since 2006 and sees cinematic potential in…well, just about anything! Her videos, which range from eyebrow-plucking woes to long distance relationships survival techniques and bunny rabbit clips, attract thousands of YouTube viewers from all over the world.

meetinglifeIf you watch one of her videos you may well wonder why on earth a young Norwegian girl not only speaks perfect English but sports a thick Scottish accent. Born to a Scottish father and Norwegian mother, she moved to Norway from Scotland at the age of eight. Just to confuse things, her singing voice has a gentle Irish twang that has captured thousands of cyber hearts.

Among her most successful videos is a moving five minute film entitled ‘Blind Love’ about a literal blind date between a lonely insecure man and a blind girl, created in collaboration with fellow students at the Norges Kreative Fagskole film school.

Despite the seemingly harmless content of her videos, however, even the angelic Ena is not exempt from the usual YouTube vitriol. Below Ena’s controversial ‘Rabbits playing in the snow!’ clip which has clocked up over 360,000 views since its release two years ago, one bunny enthusiast comments: “R u stupid!? It’s not playing it’s trying to get warm! Would u want somone to pick u up and throw u in the snow!!!! How cruel!!” Thumper and Button  – may they rest in peace – have since become YouTube celebrities.

“I started off making daily videos and now I make them whenever I want. Yeah!” sings Ena at the beginning of each one of her diary videos. What started off as an ordinary video diary has now become more ambitious. Now Ena is expanding her horizons with the creation of ‘Glutenfreena’, a gluten-free cookery YouTube channel for celiacs.

ML. The trip of your dreams.

E. I don’t know where exactly I dream of traveling, but I know that I want to travel to many different places. I would either like to travel with close friends (who I can stand being around for more than two weeks) or family members. One place I’d like to go in particular would be America. It’s so huge, and I feel like its a place which just has to experienced.

ML. Is there something that you’ve never done that you would like to try for the first time?  

E. My ambition is to become more of a “yes” person, and get out of my comfort zone in order to do things I’d never usually consider doing. In Bergen, Norway, the town where I live, there is an annual event where hundreds of Norwegians walk the seven mountains surrounding the city, all in one day. This is a good example of something I want to try, and would feel good about what I have accomplished afterwards.

ML. What do you think you’d be able to share and teach?

E. I recently realized how amazing it feels to be healthy and active. It sounds both silly and obvious, but it didn’t occur to me before I tried it out for myself. It has changed me a lot as a person, and it’s an experience I’d love to share with others. Something else I hope to share in the future is movies. I currently study film, and it’s my ambition to create amazing stories to share with the world. But, before all of this happens, I will have to grow up :)

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  • Todd McCuistion

     I’ve been watching her Vlogs now for about 2 years. She has a pure heart of gold, and her crystal blue eyes are pleasant to look at as well. Not only are her vlogs and film projects entertaining, I love to hear her sing. Jos, her boyfriend, is one lucky dude.

  • Jos

    Awesome post about Ena! You are truly, a great blogger!