How to participate in the MeetingLife Journal Project.


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We’re very happy to see that so many people are getting interested in the MeetingLife Journal Project and want to take part in it.

Apparently, how to participate wasn’t clear for many, so here are the two ways you can join the flow.

1. If you have a YouTube Channel, you’re able to make a video and want to receive the journal, send us an email with your YouTube channel. Unfortunately, due to duration issues and the high amount of people interested in the project, only a limited number of participants can receive the journal.

2. If you have an inspiring story to tell, leave it as a video response to this video or just write it. Feel free to attach pictures of your own personal journal. Be creative and colorful. Use photos, drawings, things and pieces of your city.

Your stories will be featured on the website and voted by users. The most voted participant will lastly receive the journal.


Write about you. Use the notebook as a way to introduce yourself to people you’ve never met before. Tell about your interests, your art, your passions. Write about people who changed your life and things you’ll be remembering forever. Share the exciting experiences you’ve lived and the cool things you’ve done. Write about your dreams.


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  • casinobonus4

    I’m kind of interested . I live in Estados Unidos

  • Ester Capuz

    Im spanish living in London, Im interest!

  • Matteo Colombo

    sono di lecco

  • Matteo Colombo

    Lo vogliooo :D

  • Laura Cantillo

    I`m so interested in these project, i`m from Colombia and I want to know if I can participate

  • SocialNetworkSoftware

    what was the name of the movie that “inspired” this? the positive thinking one? ;)

    • Meeting Life

      We recently discovered that in the TV show “Touch” a cell phone gets sent around the world but we don’t know of any other movie. If you find out, please let us know. 

  • chkeller8

    my name is christian… i have lived my whole life going from boarding school to military schools and back. i have never had a chance to really live with my family, so i have learned to raise my self, all on my owen. my email is my youtube channel is chkeller8. im very interested in this project. i have so many stories about my life and what all i have experience all around the world.

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  • Irish Rainbow83

    Hello, I’d like to start a new journal. Could I? Where will I send it? Let me know. I like this! I come from Italy. I give you my email: Contact me!

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  • Skinnyminnyver

    I was completely excited about this project until I read that I basically had to “sell” myself as a person worthy enough to add to the journal. Now, I’m just disappointed… Oh, well life goes on.

    • Malutka 81

      Know exactelly what you know. Feel the same way. Why din’t they allot the particiants?

    • Meeting Life

      Thank you for your feedback. We don’t really see how somebody has to “sell” themselves to receive the journal.
      The original idea was to send the journal out and then just let it go. No rules. Our main concern though was that the journal would never leave the first country that way. 

      That’s why we decided to invite the first people, living in different countries, to participate and help us launch the project.

      As the project took off, we were glad to see that many people were super excited about it and wanted to take part. Unfortunately though, due to timing issues, limited amount of pages and, again, the goal for the project to hit as many countries as possible, we couldn’t just let everybody receive the notebook.

      However, we thought of a possible democratic solution to let anybody take part in the project, with or without the journal. All the stories people are sending to us are being published to this website and some of their authors will eventually receive the actual notebook.

      This is the best we could come up with. If you have any better solution, we will be more than happy to take it into consideration. 

      Thank you again.
      The MeetingLife Team. 

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  • Priscila Dragon

    I’m SO interested in this project, so I’ll start the drafts for this story. Greetings from Mexico (:


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  • Renbald08

    I’m kind of interested . I live in Canada 

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