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Work in the nature with Wwoofing

November 25th 2012

Nowadays there are many initiatives that flourish thanks to telematic proximity that we enjoy. There's even a way to get back to the nature we come from. It's called wwoofing.


What is MeetingLife? [Infographic]

November 5th 2012

MeetingLife is the Experience Network. The first community of people with "unshared" interests, passions and dreams. They love living new experiences, trying new things and teaching what they know.


Maia Then. The artist behind the Journal Pages.

October 16th 2012

You might have been following the MeetingLife Journal Board project over the past mont...

Golden Gate Bridge

MeetingLife is in San Francisco

September 20th 2012

MeetingLife is now in San Francisco! The reason why we moved here is because we need to learn something from people who know how to turn ideas into reality.